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Are you not quite sure where you just may fit in and so feel comfortable on the Internet ?
Been looking around but just ended up more confused than ever before ?
There's a whole host of social networking sites available promising all you need but just perhaps here at Square Pegs we may just have the niche for you Some history here

At Square Pegs we try to provide an interactive and friendly platform for most ages that caters for  your tastes and interests.
So whether you just want to blog, display, discuss, spout or educate the masses it can be done here with our wide ranging forums.
Also our member created user group areas hopefully cater for the really devoted & passionate enthusiasts amongst our membership. (read our T&Cs here)
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Square Pegs is a closed site , which means only registered and logged in members in general see site content, this helps keep out all those that otherwise would like to get in and ruin your day. (read our privacy policy here)
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Newly added: Square Pegs fiction showcase - take a public peek at some of member writers' contributions 


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  • Take a look at our Open to the World forum to get an idea of the wit, class and ingenuity of our membership ..or at least a feel for the spirit of the place